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Hiring Professional Movers

This is an infographic about the reasons of hiring professional movers. Do you have friends who are moving to another place? Feel free to share it with them!

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Hiring Professional Movers

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How to Make New Friends After Moving to a New City











A person moves to a new city for various reasons – maybe better career opportunities, living standards, environment, better study options, etc. Unfortunately these opportunities come with a price, and the bigger one is leaving your friends. But you can make friends in a new city too, you just have to follow these steps:
Meet friends of friends: Ask your current friends if they can grasp anyone in your new town. Get a hold of their contact data and reach out! Most of the people perceive that massive moves may be discouraging and can be willing to meet for dinner or a drink.
Go explore: It can be creepy to go out and find new friends in a new city, but a person is less intimidating when that person is alone. Don’t be scared to approach someone and ask a question!
Get to know co-workers: Start taking lunch with them as much as possible. It’s the once chance where you will be closer to them, and you can start the conversation by talking about stuff outside of work.
Take pictures: When you are being invited to any party or event just snap few shots with people, it’s a super easy way to get in touch with people later.
Take a cooking class: Join any cooking class, where you will find a lot of people to make friends with!
Go to cultural events: At these places you will find people who share same interests with you. Concerts in the park and art exhibits can be a good start.
Sports clubs: Go to any sport club of your favorite game and you can make friends there over a pint of beer.
Coffee shop / café: A nice cozy place where you can find a lot of people reading the same books which you like and it is good conversation starter.
Moving is difficult and finding new friends is even more difficult, but to remain socially active one really needs good friends.

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Why should you hire a professional moving company?

Whether you got an amazing new job or you have any other personal reason to move cross country, you do not need to stress about all the details. Just pack your most essential belongings that you wish to take with you, and call Movers Alliance! We will take care of the moving of your home or business, help you pack and unpack, and transport your vehicle as well.

If you are looking for a moving company, you do not need to go anywhere else! Our team of professional well trained movers will help pack even the most fragile and meaningful personal items. Keeping in view of your budget, we have made the moving boxes very affordable and you can order them at the time of booking your move! We also have safe and secure storage amenities so even the most bulky and heavy items will be completely safe with us. Just book your interstate move, and you will find us at your door step! We will make an important transition of your life as smooth as possible. Request your free quote now!

Moving your home can be a little nostalgic so you can take some time for yourself. We know you have a lot of other things to do, so stop considering other options and give us a buzz at the contact details provided and we would be more than happy to help you out. If you need to ship your car, or transport a van, we are here to help!

It’s been 10 great years with our customers and many more to go. Being in the business for so many years makes us expert and more capable of moving you rightly. We believe in the satisfaction of our clients more than anything else. So contact us with full confidence, and see what we can do for you! Happy Moving!

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Moving to New York

Relocation is difficult, no matter where you move. However, a professional long distance moving company can help you pack and move all your belongings stress free!

If you ever find yourself moving from another state to New York for l school or a new job, make sure you pack with you the following items:

Layers: Packing strategically is very important for anyone preparing for a long distance move. Pack only what you need, and if your moving to New York prepare for all types of weather. Get used to layering. This will be your lifesaver when going out and about in New York. Avoid being overdressed and undressed by always having a scarf, a cardigan, or a vest with you. During the spring and fall wear a vest as mornings and late evenings are horribly cold and the afternoons are surprisingly warm. You can put on and take of your vest or jacket accordingly and remain comfortable. Scarfs and cardigans are also must haves all year round because even during the summer there are places that put their air conditioning on blast, so make sure you keep your warm by having a spare jacket or scarf.

Appliances: When you move to New York for school and your place is tiny, make sure you buy a mini fridge, a microwave, and a coffeemaker. Food and drinks in the city are astonishingly expensive. Keep yourself from draining all your money, by bringing back left overs to your dorm for dinner or the next day, and by making your own coffee. These appliances will be your lifesaver. At the end, you are there to study, so why should you worry about having unnecessary expenses?

A Map: In this day and age no one really uses maps anymore, but moving to NYC might require you to pack a map or two. In the beginning you will look extremely touristy, but slowly but surely your map will no longer help you, and you will become an expert at navigating between busy streets and sky-high skyscrapers. In the beginning a map is essential, especially the subway map. It will help you find your way faster, and you can download a subway map app. There are so many beautiful places to see but between crowded streets and slightly dysfunctional mass transit you are bound to get lost at some point. A map will be your lifesaver, and in many cases you will be excited if a person asks you how to get somewhere and you can pull out your map and help them out! It can also lead to making new connections and some new friends!

Phone/Camera/Music/Headphones: Lastly bring with you an iPhone or an iPod with a playlist full of your favorite songs, and a great set of headphones. You are bound to use mass transportation when moving to New York City, and to avoid awkward stares on the train and the bus, make sure you have some tunes to smooth your ride. Packing a camera or just using your phones camera is a great way to capture all your crazy adventures in NYC. Consider making a photo journal or collage and sending it to your friends and family! Books can also be an amazing companion, especially nowadays when no one really reads books anymore.

New York City is an amazing place to live and study. Make sure you choose wisely what you bring with you and what you choose to leave back at home. The city is beautiful, expensive, and unpredictable. We hope you enjoy it!

Make sure to call Long Distance Movers Alliance to book your move to New York! We can be reached at 800-310-5602.

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