How Can a Moving Company Save You Money?

Whether you are moving a business or residence, your time is equivalent to the money spent! If you are busy as a beaver, you may face time constraints or inability to move your belongings to an entirely new location. Many people are of the notion that hiring movers is analogous to spending money like water; however, it all depends on your perspective. If you do not have access to a big truck to move your belongings or fall short of time to pack your things properly, then taking the services of professional movers can save you both money and time. This article shares brilliant insights on how can a moving company save you money. It also offers powerful techniques to trim moving costs.

According to a report by Worldwide ERC published in the year 2010, the average household move expense stand at a staggering $12,230. While many choose to hire professional movers, some take up the option of orchestrating the move on their own-for instance, by renting a truck. This is a good alternative provided you have the manpower; however, it’s not feasible and easy. The best bet is to hire a moving company since your mind will be at ease and you’ll have a sense of the weight of the world being lifted off your shoulders.

Top Reasons To Hire A Moving Company

Even though many eschew hiring professional moving companies and instead rely on family and friends to assist with relocation, there are some great advocates of taking the services of these companies for the reasons listed below:

  • Fast Service

If you face time constraints, hiring a moving company is definitely sensible. Your family and friends will always be more than willing to help you, but they will make a move take longer than needed. On the other hand, professionals know how to move your belongings efficiently and quickly.

  • They Stick To Their Schedules

It’ll be an onerous task to get family and friends to co-ordinate their schedules. This indicates that you will need to settle for getting your move done in bits and pieces. Again, this eats a huge chunk of your time which you could use to unpack, work, or attend to other important projects.

  • They Get a Truck

A moving company will get its own truck that suits the size of your move even if it’s a local move. This way you don’t have to move back and forth between your old and new property, eventually saving you time, energy and money on fuel.

  • They Have The Right Tools

Professional movers will always bring hand tools, hand carts, and other useful things that make moving a cakewalk. You do not have to wait for your friend to run to the nearest hardware store and get a screwdriver so that you can unfix your bookshelves.

  • They Handle Your Things With Great Care

Professional movers know very well how to safeguard your stuff or valuables during a move. On the contrary, if you take the help of amateurs, you may have to deal with the awkwardness post-move if they happen to drop your antique mirror gifted by your beloved grandmother.

  • There is No Need to Feed The Professionals

You may have to feed your family and friends after the move as a mark of courtesy. Now, if your move takes place in shifts, you’ll have to provide them with multiple meals, which adds up to your moving costs. However, with a moving company such is not the case and thus, you’ll be saving some money.

Money Saving Tips To Trim Your Move Costs

  • Compare Movers

The first step to reduce the cost of your move is by requesting for 5 free quotes from 5 reliable and experienced moving companies. This way you can make a comparison between the costs of moving and the services being offered. In fact, this is the best technique to save on the move. Find out companies that offer reduced hourly rates or give freebies, such as packing time to pack things.

  • Get Your Belongings Covered

This piece of advice will help save you cash in the long run instead of trimming your disbursements. By getting sufficient insurance for most of your goods from a moving company, you will be able to save some cash which may be required to replace damaged belongings during your move. Despite the highest level of precaution, accidents do take place; so it makes sense to get cover in case of damage or loss during the transit.

  • Be Ready

A majority of professional moving firms charge by the hour while making local moves. The clock begins ticking once they leave your office and reach your doorstop. So ensure to be ready and prepared once they arrive to prevent delays, which translate to adding up on your moving costs.

  • Request Your Movers For A Free In-Home Evaluation

You might be tempted to choose a professional moving firm based on phone estimates or email quotes. Remember that these are mere evaluations and can alter without notice depending on the actual load. Once you get free quotes from various movers, request them for in-home assessments much ahead. This way, the movers can take a look at your goods and things that require special handling. By doing so, they can give you the precise cost for the move and assist you to prevent additional charges.

  • Eliminate Middlemen And Hire Only Trusted Moving Companies

Make it a point to have a short talk with your potential moving company before you choose to hire them. A straightforward question to ask is whether they will be moving your belongings or hiring third parties to get the job done. Some moving companies are real brokers since they don’t do the work on their own. This indicates that you will be spending more on the middleman or broker. Avoid this by working purely with professional movers who are fully equipped to move your goods.

  • Write Down Your Moving Expenses

No matter which professional mover you hire, there is a rule of the thumb which states that you need to write down your moving costs. If you fail to do this, you will end up paying more than the actual expense.

The first step of hiring movers begins with a quote. However, these are not final and can alter based on determinants like the time you choose to move besides size and weight of your belongings. Experts state that the final price should not exceed 10% above the evaluated price. Despite this, extraneous circumstances like failing to list stored goods or increase in the move’s size will nullify the estimate. In order to prevent a sinkhole in your finances, always request for a written and conclusive quote from your chosen mover.

  • Ditch Unwanted Stuff

Donating or selling some of your goods can earn you easy money or a deduction on tax. This eliminates extra weight, an important factor used by some movers to partly evaluate their costs. In many cases, on unpacking following a move, you’ll notice that you don’t actually require everything which you previously think you do.

These days you can easily find a host of professional moving companies. These companies are additionally flexible when it comes to what they offer compared to the situation a few years back. As a consequence, you’ll be successful in getting your requirements met without paying for any hidden charges. Access your situation so that you know your specific needs pretty well before contacting them.

Are you now ready to move? Rest your load on our shoulders for a hassle-free move. Our extensive resources permit us to streamline your relocation with exhaustive customs clearance, complete packing and many delivery options to cater to your needs.

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