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How to Make New Friends After Moving to a New City











A person moves to a new city for various reasons – maybe better career opportunities, living standards, environment, better study options, etc. Unfortunately these opportunities come with a price, and the bigger one is leaving your friends. But you can make friends in a new city too, you just have to follow these steps:
Meet friends of friends: Ask your current friends if they can grasp anyone in your new town. Get a hold of their contact data and reach out! Most of the people perceive that massive moves may be discouraging and can be willing to meet for dinner or a drink.
Go explore: It can be creepy to go out and find new friends in a new city, but a person is less intimidating when that person is alone. Don’t be scared to approach someone and ask a question!
Get to know co-workers: Start taking lunch with them as much as possible. It’s the once chance where you will be closer to them, and you can start the conversation by talking about stuff outside of work.
Take pictures: When you are being invited to any party or event just snap few shots with people, it’s a super easy way to get in touch with people later.
Take a cooking class: Join any cooking class, where you will find a lot of people to make friends with!
Go to cultural events: At these places you will find people who share same interests with you. Concerts in the park and art exhibits can be a good start.
Sports clubs: Go to any sport club of your favorite game and you can make friends there over a pint of beer.
Coffee shop / café: A nice cozy place where you can find a lot of people reading the same books which you like and it is good conversation starter.
Moving is difficult and finding new friends is even more difficult, but to remain socially active one really needs good friends.

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